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Exploring The Challenges Of Recruitment And Retention In Hospitality

In a move signaling a concerted effort to address the persistent issues of recruitment and retention in the hospitality sector, the All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for Hospitality and Tourism has launched an inquiry. This initiative aims to delve into the root causes behind high vacancy rates and explore avenues for improvement, with the ultimate goal of making recommendations to the government.

Why Now?

Despite strides made in recent years to enhance staff retention and development within the hospitality industry, challenges persist. Initiatives like the Wellbeing Promise and the Hoteliers Charter have been introduced to promote best practices. Yet, with over 100,000 vacancies still prevalent and staff turnover rates reaching unsustainable levels in many businesses, the APPG recognises the need for further action. The focus is now on identifying additional measures the sector can undertake, such as enhancing staff wellbeing and embracing flexible working arrangements.

The Inquiry Process

To inform its recommendations, the APPG plans to conduct evidence sessions involving key stakeholders, embark on venue visits, and invite written submissions from interested parties. The inquiry aims to address critical questions that lie at the heart of the recruitment and retention challenge:

1. Retention: Is there a retention problem in the hospitality industry, and if so, what are the underlying factors contributing to it?

2. Recruitment: What are the primary barriers that businesses encounter when attempting to recruit staff, considering the persistent shortage of talent?

3. Perception of the Sector: How can the industry and government collaborate to alter perceptions of hospitality as a career choice, making it more attractive to potential employees?

4. Domestic Recruitment: With a historical reliance on overseas workers, how can the sector balance the government's push for employing UK-born workers while maintaining service standards?

5. Staff Wellbeing: Are industry initiatives such as the Hospitality Wellbeing and Development Promise making a tangible impact on staff mental health and wellbeing?

6. Zero-Hour Contracts: What implications do zero-hour contracts have on both recruitment and retention within the sector?

As the hospitality sector continues to evolve, addressing these pressing questions is essential for fostering a sustainable and thriving industry. The insights gained from the inquiry will serve as a crucial foundation for guiding future policy decisions and industry practices.

To sum up, the APPG's inquiry represents a significant step forward in understanding and addressing the challenges faced by the hospitality sector. By engaging with stakeholders and soliciting diverse perspectives, the inquiry aims to lay the groundwork for meaningful change that will benefit both businesses and employees alike. As the industry navigates through these challenges, collaboration and innovation will be key to unlocking a brighter future for hospitality.

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